The easy and fun way to get your official Utah On-Premise Alcohol Servers Permit

Get an On-Premise Alcohol Permit for only $15.99!

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Utah liquor laws can be tricky to learn and very specific, we are industry people who work directly with the DABC and legislators, to ensure you are receiving up-to-date information.

Easy Alcohol is a Utah state approved company, and our class makes learning fun, easy and affordable. In this class you will learn everything you need to know to pass the state test and will also give you the ability to show off your knowledge of Utah’s liquor laws at parties.

This class is full of examples to help explain Utah’s tricky alcohol laws to guest and tourists in a professional way providing good customer service, which helps get bigger tips.

Who needs a Utah On-Premise Alcohol Permit?

Utah law states every person who serves alcohol in a restaurant, club, bar, or tavern, must complete alcohol training within 30-days of employment and renew every 3-years.

Get your On-Premise Alcohol Permit for only $15.99!

Or, get a special package price when you bundle your Food Handlers Permit and On-Premise Alcohol Permit for only $36.95!

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